Bucharest Communist Tour

Communism has been here for more than 40 years. Bucharest is full of “souvenirs” from that period: from the most ambitious projects to abandoned areas, sometimes actual mentalities and even bullet holes. We invite you on our Bucharest Communist Tour to explore every life aspect during this period and understand their influence in today’s city. We will get sad with stories on the violent 1989 revolution, we will get amused by the jokes about Ceausescu, and in the end you will decide how you really feel about the Romanian version of communism.

Bucharest Alternative Tour

Explore Bucharest differently! Our capital is much more than the Old Town and palaces.
It is a vibrant up and coming city, hiding gems behind the main streets like urban art,
creative local initiatives and reinvented little corners with a social mission. Our local
guide will not just take you to these hidden spots but will also share their story and
explain the encrypted messages of current political and social situations on the ARTivism
scene. Take the unbeaten paths to discover Bucharest of today and to understand the real
life that the street artist expresses more and more.